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Originally Posted by jokerswld34 View Post
Sottozero II are a great winter performance tire but not intended for anything more than light snow. If you are constantly experiencing large snow storms consider a more dedicated snow or studded snow tire.

My advice is when it snows lower your tire pressure to low 20s psi to increase tire patch (like you do in sand or mud), use Eco pro to reduce wheel spin, and use the manual shifter to take off in a higher gear to use more torque, especially when taking turns.

I have nokian wrg2 staggered tires on, which are more performance oriented than deep snow, and I had no problems driving in 4-5" of snow. I couldn't drive too fast and had to be conscious of front bumper height, but I rarely saw a slippage light. We get a lot of ice in New England too and the nokians are spectacular.
True it is all about compromise, a sport winter tire is always going to have less ability in real winter conditions. I had sport winter tires on my rear wheel drive 2006 BMW 330i and I also had problems starting from a stop on hills when there was snow and ice on the road. If you have to regularly drive up hills on snow and ice I would suggest a winter tire with less sporty intentions and more actual winter ability.....either that or look ahead at the road conditions and try to not have to start from a stop on a hill.