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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
The 305hp 3.7L was new for '11 and made things much more interesting. Plenty of rental fleets still use the '10 which had the exact same body, but the old crappy 4.0.

This happened to my bro-in-in law a couple of weeks ago. He was given a '10, it got a flat and he was given an '11 as a replacement and was not sure why he liked the 2nd one a lot more lol.

The base suspension and fuel economy car gearing kill the V6. You need the performance package that nets a more aggressive rear end gear, and the GT's brake and suspension/tire hardware. Those cars produce nearly .95+ on the skidpad.
I think it was actually a '11 or '12 since it was only this summer and it had very few miles on seemed like the gearing was killing it so the stock rear end probably didn't help.

I can see that making sense though. I rented a V8 SS Camaro Convertible and it was terrible...the V6 coupe they had to give me after the SS's brakes turned out to be broken (fun driving 300 miles with a broken master cylinder) was much peppier.
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