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Originally Posted by ES_TRADER View Post
Can we get back to the topic of how this different cooling setup can possibly cause the fan to go Full Blast and dead throttle when its not even hot outside?
That's an easy one. It's a bum thermostat or connection. T'stat thinks it's too hot so the fan kicks in and the ECU goes into limp mode when the t'stat doesn't drop out as expected. It's likely a bad connection or an actual faulty thermostat. I'm assuming it's configured such than an open loop mimics a high temp condition (as a fail safe).

This sort of failure would simply look like the actual failure condition to the ECU so I don't think a code would be set that the stat is bad. It's just a simple switch. If this happens, a trip to the dealer is in order. The upside is that it fails safe, so you won't overheat or coke your oil.