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Originally Posted by ft1337 View Post
I wouldn't want to catch you on a bad day!

ALSO, cars that are tracked should and are prepped for this purpose, nobody would track a stock F30 unless they were retarded or tracking it 2 times a year. SO, to rely on BMW to prep your car for tracking is a fail proposition. This can't be the explanation. The explanation is either economics or warm weather which is a little far fetched but not as much as the tracking explanation!
No you don't.

You don't need to do anything to track a BMW other than adjust your tire pressures. I didn't say RACE, I said take it on track. It's not about spending $$$ "prepping" your car. It's about working with what you've got and improving your driving skills.

I have a dedicated track car. I paid $3k for it and it currently has over 250k miles on it. I routinely lap guys in "prepared" M3s with twice the horsepower. You can't buy talent and you won't learn much of anything if you're driving a car that's smarter than you.