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First service completed

Just got the car serviced yesterday and noticed changes immediately.

As stated by another post, the ticking sound we use to receive is now minimal. The power delivery of the car is different aswell and my fuel consumption has gone up. I will test the fuel consumption over a couple of tanks to find out exactly how much different it is but wont be happy if i am not getting close to the 700km per tank urban that i use to be getting.

The 1-8 memory buttons have been reset and the saved stations have been aswell (spent almost an hour working out how to do them). With the software, obviously my coding edits are now back to defaults so i will be doing all that this weekend.

Wheel alignment:

I got my wheel alignment checked by a tyre shop weeks before this service and i was given figures where the front left camber was about -.3 and right was +.3. I brought it up with the dealer upon service but the reply i received was 'the camber is slightly off but still within spec. We allow 1" variation". This sounds excessive to me so i will probably be looking at aftermarket parts if BMW Australia states that this is true.

Also, the dealer in South Yarra said i can turn off start stop on the car whereas Oakleigh said i could not. They said that BMW Australia has not approved of the removal of the device and the risk is on the dealer. IMO very interesting