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Originally Posted by zeezz View Post
you can search for artist names by voice?!...
You sure can.

But there are some very subtle things you might want to know about this functionality.

First, saying "music search" will search the ripped-to-disk songs.

Say "new search" when you have either a USB-connected or snap-in adapter connected device. (I use an iPhone 4S.)

There appears to be a significant difference when using a USB-connected device between saying "play" versus "start playback" after using voice commands to select tracks.

If you say "start playback," iDrive will continue playing anything it might have been playing from a playlist or previous selection. If you instead say "play," iDrive will begin with the selection you have just made from the menus.

The prompt only tells you to " a menu item or say start playback." It doesn't mention the ability to say "play" after selecting menu items.

This is a big difference in functionality and is (apparently) undocumented.

Siri is easier to use, especially over Bluetooth. But it's easier to use iDrive when you prefer to keep your hands on the wheel.
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