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Originally Posted by TheObviousChild View Post
Only thing I've seen recommended as far as prepping daily drivers for the track is getting the brakes bled.

So when I take my car in Monday for some coding work and I tell them about my Limp Mode experience, will the computer's history of the event point them in the right direction or will they blow me off? I'd love to go in telling them everything you've mentioned here, but if I'm "that guy" they'll give me attitude. As it is I had to explain the whole ASS coding to them.
I'd explain exactly what happened. The fans kicked on even though the oil temp was not high (try to note about where it was at the time) they did turn on. Then explain that power was drastically reduced and the fans never cycled off on their own. A restart corrected the fan issue and restored power. I would GUESS the event might have been logged as a high temp condition, but I honestly don't know exactly what's being logged in the F30. I can't imagine they'll give you too much grief. A tech "should" be able to prove out the functionality of the thermostat.