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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
Do you have ZSL on you 328i? If so, you should be afraid -- VERY afraid -- of not just snow, but cold which makes the summer tires as hard as rocks.

Short story: My 335i with ZSL was in for service last Friday. A snow storm was arriving on Saturday. The dealer had given me an MY12 328i base car (no xDrive, but with all-season tires).

My plan was to get the car home on Friday and beat the storm. But the dealer decided to keep the car over the weekend.

I live at the end of a 400-ft cul-de-sac and then my driveway is another 100 feet off the cul-de-sac. Both have 6 or 7 degree climbs.

We got whacked with 10" of snow and by Monday, the temperatures had dropped to 12 degrees F. Obviously, we plowed our cul-de-sac and my driveway, but they remained snow-covered with an inch or so of snow. This snow cover got hard-packed by our cars and our neighbors' cars coming and going.

The loaner 328i had absolutely no problem with the hard-packed snow. It even scooted up my driveway backwards with no problem.

What about my car? When I got home from the dealer, I was able to get the car up the first part of the cul-de-sac. But there was no way it was going up the same driveway the 328i with all-seasons had had no problems with.

I spent New Year's Day trying to melt snow at the bottom of my driveway to get the 335i up it.

My learning from this? It's all about the tires. Sure, xDrive is great. But you really don't need it -- the two or three times you can really use it, you shouldn't be on the roads at all.

What you hear about summer tires getting as hard as rocks in the cold and having absolutely no -- and I mean ZERO -- traction on snow and ice are absolutely correct.

sorry but what does ZSL stand for?