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Originally Posted by akamomo View Post
All is well. I recovered from temporary insanity after a bad dealer visit, regrouped and took delivery of a 335i from local inventory on Saturday.

I have to say though that my small amount of exploration led to telling me that the residual was very high and money factor very low on the C300, making it no doubt a good deal financially for the lease cost vs. MSRP. My girlfriend is interested in having a look when her Infiniti lease is over, so I'm sure we'll check them out at that point.

But for now the world is well with my new 335i M-Sport. Loving it so far.
Next time you need rates, let me know, i usually have them
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Long story short. He was a huge black male. Probably 6'2" or taller and 250 lbs. He was angry as hell, and I am a tiny 5'4 white male. So, I did the only thing I could, I threw my car into reverse and no one was behind me, and I drove thru the red light as I went around him.