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Arrow Live photos of BMW Active Tourer Concept at BMW Welt

The other night I was at the BMW Welt and spotted BMW's Active Tourer Concept [official info thread] on display. The spot lights were turned off (since it was at night) so I just HAD to go back for a better look!

One of the things I found most striking about the Active Tourer Concept are the lines of the car - especially the car's hood and side body. I found the curves to be very sexy. The hood lines reminded me of the way the F30 hood (lines) flows. I really liked the way that there wasn't a flat panel to be found. It made me want to run my hand across it. I also liked the way the body lines flowed. Attention to detail was apparent to me in the way this car was designed.


BMW's Active Tourer Concept on display at the Welt...

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BMW official fotos of the Active Tourer Concept...

Name:  2012-bmw-active-tourer-concept-revealed-previews-1er-gt-photo-gallery_13.jpg
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Name:  2012-bmw-active-tourer-concept-revealed-previews-1er-gt-photo-gallery_41.jpg
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Previous photos from its debut at the 2012 Paris auto show:

BMW Concept Active Tourer at 2012 Paris Auto Show

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