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Originally Posted by dan99 View Post
need more pics of diff angles!
Took 2 more pictures from a further distance.

As mentioned a few days back, I went for a dyno today.

Dyno setup was best of 3 runs each between TMC and AFE. TMC was set at setting '6' which is default/recommended. AFE has no setting as far as I know. HP was measured at wheels and at 4th gear.

Run #1 or solid coloured lines represents TMC's best run while run #2 or dotted lines represents AFE's best run.

Would love to hear some expert commentary because I do not have a firm grasp on how to interpret the data.

But it feels like my butt dyno is wrong because AFE's torque graph kicks in so much earlier?

And if HP is measured at wheels, does that mean manufacturers of tuning products will usually assume a 25% powerloss from crank to wheels to market their products?
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