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Originally Posted by Whostheboss View Post
In a way its not good, everyone and their mom will be driving a BMW soon.
Then it looses that unique taste. But from a business point of view, its great.
I don't really see that as a problem. I look at it like this.

People on this forum don't really view BMW's as anything special. Are they fun to drive? Sure. But they don't carry that allure like, say, Porsche's do. As for everyone else, regardless of how many people drive them, it's still German. It's still a BMW. It's still the best/one of the best.

This applies to all German marques. I don't understand why Audi drivers think they're driving something more exclusive cars like it means it's more special or sought after. Yes they're far less common than BMW's and Mercedes,and in that sense they are exclusive, but in reality, they're just the other German marque.