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Technically yes it is admissible; though if e.g. the court decides the quality isn't high enough for it to be fully conclusive or useful, it could be rejected. On mine, even though it's 1080p, the bitrate isn't all that good, so in certain driving conditions, lighting conditions, weather, speeds etc., it's not possible to see the numberplate of the other cars.

But, the way I see it is that it's at least a chance to look out for yourself; and it will show the other car, and perhaps even the driver, involved in the incident. So either they will hopefully back down when shown the evidence, or - even though the plate may not be fully visible - at least you have the car, and evidence of exactly what happened, and perhaps being able to trace witnesses. Also the other car may be damaged, so you could track that back to where it was repaired etc. - or if not repaired, the damage will tie up with the video - so it would still be difficult for them to say it wasn't them. Definitely a good chance it could help you!

Insurance companies often have deals with each other, and targets etc., relating to accepting responsibility for 'fault claims' etc. (as we found out a couple of years ago), and a lot will just accept responsibility (on your behalf!) so as to avoid the financial implications, and time, involved in fighting the claim and court etc. So this evidence could very well just encourage your insurance company to at least just do their job and look after you!
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