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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
In the Northeast, there is almost no RWD stock around, its actually cheaper to buy a AWD car off the lot than to order one from Germany.
That's just bad negotiation skills.
If one consider the cost of snow tires, rims, TPMS and labor, the AWD is actually a couple of thousand cheaper than the RWD
A winter set with Blizzaks and cheapo wheels will run under $1K, and if you know how to work craigslist it'll be more like $500. Besides, you can ignore the cost of the tires, since while you putting wear on them, you're not putting wear on your summer set.

And if I ever have to choose between AWD with all-seasons and RWD with winters, I'll always choose the latter. Because being able to stop without the help of the trunk of a car in front of you is a million times more important than being able to drive up a hill.