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Inside Door Handles

Inside Door Handles on this model are, well, interesting. It took me a bit to get used to the correct amount of force to pull the door toward me without slamming, but also with out half closing, the door requiring a second try.

All the noob passengers that ride with me inevitably half shut the door in order to avoid slamming since no one likes a slammer. But half closing, and needing a second go, is becoming almost as annoying as a brute slam.

Surely, it is down to the placement of the door handle on the inside which is so near to where the doors attach on the body of the vehicle. The way they are doesnt give the closer the best leverage or what not. How about making a space on the door armrest to slide the hand through and yank from the hip rather than the knee only?

Probaly been mentioned before but hey, I just had to rant about this.