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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
Frogman, you're a good guy, letting people use your equipment. I guess I wouldn't mind lending folks the cable -- but actually using my PC seems a bridge too far for my tastes.

It seems to me that folks who want to code their cars need to be able to do it themselves. What just happened to me -- a dealer re-program -- wipes the customizations (a good thing, actually). That means that once you code someone's car and they get addicted to having all this cool stuff, they'll be back again and again to "borrow" your stuff. The more you do it for folks, the more likely something will happen to piss off the recipient of your largess.

It's nice to help your fellow brother out, of course. But this isn't a one-time thing. It's a long-term relationship. And like the relative who comes to "visit" for a year, it could be hard to reset expectations.
I know what you mean, Ive been coding cars for years via VAG Com but I don't have the system yet for the Bimmer (on the ever growing list of things to purchase...currently sitting just after a tune, ha). I also agree with the BMWCCA idea but I feel like most of the CCA guys are older and less into that stuff, least thats been my experience with Porsche and Audi CCA (porsche clearly more into it than audi).

Why not set up a code day once every couple of months through here, post it on a couple of threads and charge like $20 to go through it. That way your compensated for your time, its on a scheduled date so no one can bother you individually for the equipment and I bet it will become one of those 'you helped me so now that I have one I'll help others' kind of system...

I know for me, I just need to play with it for about 10 minutes and should be a least able to code what I would like to if not have a good feel for the interface. If you teach me to fish instead of catching it for me I won't bother you again
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