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Originally Posted by L8*Apex
Boohoo, they are diluting my brand. Boohoo, I'm the only real enthusiast left. I'll never buy another BMW....

Get over yourself. BMW is and always has been a for profit company. They make a product to sell and the more they sell the more money they make. If that means making a product that appeals to more people then good for them. These internet arguments always smack of people who get upset when their favorite band gets popular. The band still makes the same music but somehow they sold out.
Such a boring rehash. Don't like it? Vote with your wallet. Otherwise just enjoy the car for what it is.
I agree, and I will vote with my wallet. ATS here I come!

I kinda see it like this... If we think of a company's mission statement, either BMW changed theirs, or is simply not following it anymore.

I could give a rats ass about sales numbers, that doesn't change my opinion of the car. If the car still drove awesome, I'd be a fan even they doubled the sales.

I'm not a fan cause the car has lost what it once had. It's got plenty of electronic goodies, no doubt... But the soul is gone.
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