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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
I think you've said enough.
It's my car that has faults, not yours.
Well that is the issue, every EBII M Sport F30 has exactly the same faults as yours, mine included. What you are talking about is a subjective quality level.

As for 'said enough' this is a public forum, you don't always get everyone agreeing with you. Posting anything opens you up to other members opinions, whether you like them or not.

I guess as most people accept that bumper paint won't match the BIW paint, they don't gripe about it. I found it amusing that the new golf ad on TV has a different shade front bumper. That is on the specially prepared ad car (metallic silver), so just imagine what the production cars will look like. Check it out. Maybe VW did that to avoid false advertising claims

The only plastic part painted that I am aware of (This happens to be my trade) with the BIW is the fuel filler cap. This although plastic is made from an expensive grade able to withstand the temperatures of the BIW paint bake. Similar plastic was used in the past on Freelander and Renault megane front wings. Again used to avoid the exact same problem you are talking about, but these have gone back to being metal due to the cost of the plastic wings.

Similarly with natural leather. If you want the type that is more resistant to stretch you buy leatherette or Mercedes case Artico. If you search for threads mentioning Artico you will come across the fans that won't buy leather, and now favour Artico as leather 'ages' quickly. Pardon the pun but an 'age old problem'.

Yes your car is new and in an ideal world the seat would come un-stretched, but fact is, the car has had a number of bums in seat on it's journey from production line to delivery. A level of stretch is inevitable.

Good luck with the goodwill BMW will no doubt show you.

Apologies if I mis-judged what constitutes a rant, but the number of threads on the same issues on both main and UK forums and comments like this constitute a rant to me.

Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
TMP: I am on your page 100%. It also makes me bloody mad.

The more I think of my baggy driver's seat leather, the angrier I get. In fact, I am flipping furious.

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