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'13 335i M-sport mit alles

Just picked 'er up on 3JAN13! Front plate is held on with velcro, so there's no holes and I can take it off like any other badge. Just made a day trip to Prague and back in the rain, and it's still holding fine! Hopefully by the time I'm back in the states, someone will figure out a way to make a tow hitch plate that doesn't interfere with the parking sensors on the m-sport...

Anyway, on to the wheels: I admit, I was apprehensive at first about the 17s, especially in black, but I went with it anyway because of the winters in Bavaria and the shitty roads in Czech and Austria; (got a ski trip this month to the southern mountains in Austria) I think it turned out ok! The ride on these tires is great; no road noise to speak of on the Autobahn, but on the rougher roads in Czech I noticed some. Cornering is a bit soft, but I tack that up to the compound, I'm sure. They are dedicated snow, so hopefully they do alright in the mountains; roads are bare and wet right now... Unfortunately, my only other experience driving a '13 335i was the demo Luxury line with all seasons. I'm looking forward to the spring when I can get the staggered 19s back on there and hit the Nurburgring!

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