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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
I think u should ask awhk instead cos I haven't started coding my car yet. There are instructions u can download over at the coding thread in the DIY section.
As for option 6WA, don't think it's possible to retrofit without some very major work, & there's no guarantee that it'll work even if after u've managed to do some modifications. Basically the standard cluster is linked to the PT-CAN bus whereas the extended cluster is linked to both the PT-CAN and the MOST bus. So if u just do a straight swap & then coding it the cluster will not function fully cos the MOST bus connection is missing.
Btw, which missing feature u want to enable via coding?
Thanks for your message. I actually retrofited navigation via "comandexpert" and I wanted to show the street information in the cluster. Only the extended one will show.

Besides, I found my car not showing the "energy consumption" in the idrive (even before the retorfit). I am uncertain if this is due to country control or the cluster function. Do you have any hints?