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Originally Posted by bbj View Post
Does ur car have paddle shifts? Was it much more complicated than no paddles?
yes on the paddles, but it doesn't make a difference... You have to be very careful with the 4 spring loaded clips on the airbag that activate the horn. If you don't pull it straight out from the wheel you can easily break one of the clips and you're buying a brand new airbag.. Don't tilt the airbag. Pull a little from the top and then the bottom.

You will hear and feel the spring clips going back and forth as you pry against them. Do the right side first...

Unlike the E9X Sport wheel airbag you have to give it a good tug to get it off. It's doesn't just pop off.

That's what was messing me up... I'm thinking release the 2 clips and it pops off. NOPE... You have to feel the clip release and carefully pull it off.