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Once you get a VIN, you can track your car:
  • To verify its what you ordered plug in your VIN here: It should show your options etc...
  • you can call the BMW NA automated number - (1-800) 831-1117. Its a USA number but it worked for me. It will tell you where in the production your car is.
  • Once its in transit, track it using this site: For cargo ID, use the last 7 digits of the VIN. Click the "Track" button below.
  • Once you find out the ship, you can track the ship by GPS here: and you can search by vessel etc. Note that when it crosses the Atlantic, you will lose sight of the ship.
  • Once it reaches port ( Halifax ), I did not know how to track it by rail and then truck transport to the dealer. It took just under 10 days for the car to be shipped to the dealer and the dealer to have it prepped for delivery to me.

Good luck and of course, enjoy it when you get it! Also don't be super paranoid of the problems posted here. It is not representative. I take it as checklist of things to watch out for during delivery, and I take the point of view of getting things fixed at the dealer as GOOD. It means I have things shaken out and fixed BEFORE the warranty is up.

Here are some supplimentary sites to waste your time on...
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