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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
In the Northeast, there is almost no RWD stock around, its actually cheaper to buy a AWD car off the lot than to order one from Germany. If one consider the cost of snow tires, rims, TPMS and labor, the AWD is actually a couple of thousand cheaper than the RWD
I bought my RWD 335i in NY from Germany and paid only a few hundred over invoice, the AWD cars are still more expensive, but for an average person who doesn't know how to negotiate a car deal I can see dealers being more willing to move an XI off the lot. But unless dealers are throwing XI's off the lot under invoice (which no one on this forum seems to support if you read the deals) then that doesn't make much sense.

Either way, the invoice price of an XI is $1800 more - so assuming you can negotiate the same deal on either vehicle, you can get winter tires, TPMS, fancy rims from Tirerack for around $1100.

So I don't get how you can do the math and say that AWD is in any way shape or form a couple thousand cheaper. At very best it's several hundred more expensive and you still don't get the added benefit of snow tires.

AWD helps with handling, but when you have to stop short because it's snowing your AWD means nothing, and you're left to the will of your all seasons. A RWD car with real snow tires might save you from crashing into the rear of that truck - so winter tires even on AWD are still worth the investment.
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