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Originally Posted by jokerswld34
Call BMWna and you can get an update as to vehicle status with production #. Also depending on whether the car is built in Germany or South Africa could be the issue with the timing. SA builds take a very long time especially with 335s. I personally requested a Germany allocation to minimize the wait as much as possible.

Sport auto has nothing to do with delay as its the same equipment as the 8at just with different software and paddles. my guess is the dealer sold you a car and didn't have allocation when you bought it. 335 allocation slots are harder to come by versus 328s and it would seem the dealer is trying to cover their a$$ on this one. Until the status bar shows its in production, you have quite few weeks left unfortunately.

Ask the dealer when the allocation date is and see what they say. Then contact other dealers to see if they have availability any sooner.
I know but my car is getting built from Germany that's why this is so weird ! I also called bmw na and they knew as much as I did and they said to talk to m dealer
M5, 335i, Maserati gts, Audi A8L, CLS 63