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Originally Posted by SwampCat84
Im in the process of saving up for the rims and suspension. I am planning on getting the new rims this month and then prob the Bilstein PSS10s in the next few months.. they are hard to get a hold of for this car still... The rims are going to be VMR (prob V710s) matte black.. 19x10 rear, and 19x8.5 front (aggressive offset). I will go with about a 2" lower once I get the coilovers.. But they are both ride height adjustable and dampening control so I can set them to whatever looks best. I had them on my last car and LOVE them.

Other than that, I dont want to go all out... possibly an intake in the future and exhaust... we'll see.. for now the suspension and wheels are a MUST. This car is no fun to drive as is....
No fun to drive as is? City driving is boring period.

And the whiskers will need to be custom fitted. Base line and all other lines have different bumpers. It is strange. Ive researched this half a year ago.