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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
The weight diff. between AWD and RWD is less than 300 pounds, fuel consumption is the same in the city and 1 MPG diff on the highway. 0-60 MPH is 0.1 sec diff and the cost of the AWD is about the same as snow tires, rims and TPMS.

Small price to pay for the additional safety AWD provides.
Absolutely...LOL. And those "prices" are the only ones you "pay."

People who sing the praises of the RWD feel over xDrive are either spending more time on Internet forums than the road, or haven't done a reasonable comparison on the F30s. F30 xDrives give you 99% of what the RWD gives in feel.

The only reason to favor RWD these days is sticker price, period.