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Originally Posted by sean10mm View Post
What are the F30 haters even doing in this forum? Don't you have your own forums to circle-jerk in? You really think anybody here wants to hear you talk about the F30 puts sand in your vaginas?

Pro tip: The 3er has been seen as an entry level badge whore car in the US since the E30 so I don't think we need to worry much about "brand dilution." The main "status" it confers in America is that of "poser" or even just plain "asshole." The 3er never got you much as a status symbol.

If you don't care about that they're nice cars, and a F30 328i sport line on all-seasons will put up cornering and acceleration numbers like an E46 330i ZHP on staggered summer tires according to Car & Driver's test numbers. Then of course the "enthusiasts" will move the goal posts away from measurable performance to "soul" or some other fluff like that.
We are now buddies. I was pretty annoyed myself with the arrogance I was reading on this forum. I am amazed at the fact that ONLY previous owners have any right to this brand. I had a choice of literally every compact luxury on the market and I picked BMW because I have always loved the way that these cars drove, looked, and just oozed sexy mechanical goodness. I do understand the attitude to uphold certain standards, but $45,000 is not cheap in any market today. I truly don't think hooligan, stereo thumping, rice burning children are going to be purchasing these cars. That is what the Hyundai Veloster line was meant for! made my day brother! Cheers!!