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Originally Posted by KneeDragr View Post
Hey at least you are admitting it, just like I am admitting the ZL1 is faster around the track than my GS Corvette.

Over on the Corvette forum I posted this LL article and almost everybody is calling BS that the ZL1 is outperforming it.

And there is a particularly outspoken BMW owner, who keeps telling everyone that a M3 is a match for a GS corvette as well.

I dont know why people get so mad and abusive when the facts hit them in the face. Just admit that there are lot of kick ass cars out there, and yes, some of them are faster than yours.
Some people are just "homers" and will route or refuse to believe any car is better/faster than theirs, especially domestically built cars.

Go check out the Ford vs Chevy forums and you'll see a lot of the same thing. Brand loyalty apparently trumps facts in far too many instances.