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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post

First, this is svache's thread, not mine. He just lets me hang out here.

Second, BMW Technicians are not going to code your DRL's for you, Period. If you want DRL's, you will need to code it yourself, or have someone code it for you, and the latter won't be at the dealership.
Sorry Shawn - I assumed that "svache" was also a "Sean" as at the end of the part of the first post in this "sticky" headed "Cable Wiring Pictures (OHD2 Side)" is the signature "Sean".

Now I've reread it I see that (in the haste to fill my head full of the details) I missed the preceding part of the post which reads "(thanks to Sean [ImSW1])"

I've immediately proved myself to the forum to be the daft bugger I've always suspected I am

My point about the code details is that one of BMW UK's Senior Customer Service Executives has stated that European F30s cannot have the DRLs deactivated when it is patently obvious that they can - BMW just don't want to do it. So I feel the "Senior Customer Service Executive" needs another little poke to correct his disinformation.