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Originally Posted by svache View Post
It even shows in the headsup display lol, pretty cool

Edit, I also noticed the clock synchronization by GPS, what does this do? Keep track of the correct time and adjust if necessary?
svache! You're back! Haven't seen you post in a long while. Your work is the definitive coding instruction set for F30s!

Yeah, the M Performance logo in the HUD is cool. I believe I have the "right" to code it on my car because the car has 704 -- the M Sport Suspension -- as part of ZSL.

Yes, I am hoping GPS_UHR will keep the clock updated by synching it with the very high accuracy satellite clocks. But I haven't figured out a way to test it yet. One poster claimed that if you set the clock off by hours, you get no correction. However, if you set the clock a couple of minutes either fast or slow, it will correct. Seems pretty useless if it can only reset drift of a couple of minutes. But, if it keeps the clock synched inside that two minute window, that would be great.
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