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Originally Posted by Baz P View Post
...My point about the code details is that one of BMW UK's Senior Customer Service Executives has stated that European F30s cannot have the DRLs deactivated when it is patently obvious that they can - BMW just don't want to do it...
It's not just in the UK where this is one of the great mysteries of BMW-land.

I remain completely mystified why BMW would build in the logic for, say, weather band radio on US frequencies but not enable it or make it possible for the dealers to do so either.

That's the unanswerable question. The good news is that coding your car, using the invaluable advice and pioneering efforts of the posters in this thread, is both safe and fun. And it's the easiest, least expensive way to personalize your car without ever using a wrench, or should I say, spanner.
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