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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
No, they just need to replace the frames (and remove the seat back and seat bottom, rescrew everything in).

I encourage all of you to test drive it with the SA after to rule out squeaks or loose leather, since reassembling won't be the easiest and contingent on the skill of the master tech doing the work...
That's assuming your dealer gives it to a master tech to do the work. Many will give it to a lower line tech or helper and just kinda watch over them. Most master tech's aren't interested in tedious interior trim dis-assembly/reassembly. I'd pay very close attention to the re-work. Check operation of all seat functions after work is completed and check to make sure all motors, harnesses, etc are properly re-attached. Consider taking some before and after pics. last, check for damage to other parts of your car as taking the seats in/out of a fully assembled car is not so easy.