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Just to follow up - my SA just called me for an update. He wasn't the one I dropped off with this morning and he is generally much more personable.

Anyway, he was telling me they haven't had many requests for ASS coding and the last instance was 45 days ago and was a 5 series. In that case, it could only be disabled permanently. So I asked him about SIB's and if he had a way of looking them up. Pointed him towards the SIB 12-15-12 which I was referred to in another post. He pulls it up and was amazed that he now had this info bulletin for the ASS coding. (The SA I dropped off with scoffed at the printout when I handed it to him). So my SA says he's attaching it to my work order and it will make the job much easier for the tech.....this is essentially all I was aiming for initially.

I was a little surprised when he said, "Oh, it looks like you won't have to pay for anything either!".....I was surprised because I never intended to pay for this even though from their POV, this was "elective coding".

So it looks like I'm with the loaner for the night...should've opted for the 535. I got an E92 328. Oddly enough, this is what I previously drove, but man oh man, going from an F30 335 to an E92's amazing how different it feels all of a sudden. I miss my car.
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