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I don't see what anyone did wrong in this case. Your sales rep told you, along with a screenshot for proof, that the car is awaiting production, then told you that it is now in production.

The "Trans." seems to refer to "transmission to AG, pending conf", as in "Transmitting your order to BMW, awaiting confirmation"... it has nothing to do with the transmission in the car.

As jokerswld34 said, it sounds like the dealer didn't have any extra allocations at the time they sold you the order, so they put the car into the system as you ordered it, or shortly thereafter. A lot of those who get their cars faster are working with a dealer that already had a vehicle somewhere in the production pipeline that they changed to your specs.

There's not really any promises as far as arrival times -- only estimates, and this is the way it works for both BMW and Audi. If you're patient and want your car exactly the way you'd like it, this is the way to go. But if you are impatient, consider being willing to compromise and pick a car off the lot.