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Originally Posted by svache View Post
Don't get your hopes up too much.. I still hopped on and off from time to time, just didn't say much while here haha. Too busy with other stuff unfortunately. For now I'm back but might as well be gone for a while soon again as well.. it all depends lol

I'm happy to see this thread is still alive and kicking, even more so than before.

As for the M Performance logo, it worked on my car, I don't have anything M related on my car, it's a simple Luxury version instead. Here, I quickly made the following vid (I only just upped it, it will be converted by Vimeo in about 30 minutes after I post this here):

Perhaps, in regards to the GPS_UHR, it is mainly meant for when you cross timezones in your car? In that sense the car will see by GPS when you enter a new timezone and might adjust accordingly?
Yup, that logo is the balls, ain't it? I also have the HUD and I think the MPM logo is so much more colorful -- and shows off the HUD better -- than the red-brownish BMW logo.

I wonder if you get this logo turned on when you buy the M Performance Pack (which I am lusting for). But, given that Pack is $1600 plus installation, I am happy to have the logo for zilch.

I was wondering about time zone updates. In my 2009 Civic with nav, there's a setting for when the place you are in switches to DST or back to standard time. Some states go earlier/later than others, like, I think, Indiana.

When setting the time in our cars, one does get the chance to set the timezone -- which I always thought was about letting BMW Assist know where you were. But maybe, just maybe, GPS_UHR uses the timezone setting to know when to change to DST. I doubt it though, since I believe the satellites transmit UTC, in which case the zone offset in iDrive would only be useful for showing local time.
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