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Originally Posted by kon View Post
yeah, I'm aware, all I'm saying is based on ETK, Hongkong & the rest of the world have different CIC unit, so it is very likely that HongKong CIC (or Radio) is loaded with different font, specifically the asian language, whereas the rest of the world doesn't have this font, which is why when I code to Hongkong or add language I can't see Chinese character.

Now, specific to AWHK, since HK country control is blocking access to office, and he could enable it by removing the country controller and change the country in HU_CIC to hongkong, but "messages" menu in Office is not visible (but seems selectable still since I did see the "tick" next to it). AWHK could live with this flaw, or perhaps try changing the COUNTRY assignment to china or taiwan?

I'd try with China because China do have Office enable for their market, so perhaps it would display everything properly together with the chinese character? I'm not so sure about Taiwan, but if china doesn't work, no harm trying

As for the rest of us being blessed with US/ECE CIC units, we will have to find other ways to load the asian font in so that our idrive would display these instead of squares/rectangles...
Sorry for the late update. I've finally got a chance to tried out changing 'Country' to China or Taiwan. Same result as Hong Kong, 'Message' not appearing in 'Telephone' and 'Office' sub-menu.