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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
I was wondering about time zone updates. In my 2009 Civic with nav, there's a setting for when the place you are in switches to DST or back to standard time. Some states go earlier/later than others, like, I think, Indiana.

When setting the time in our cars, one does get the chance to set the timezone -- which I always thought was about letting BMW Assist know where you were. But maybe, just maybe, GPS_UHR uses the timezone setting to know when to change to DST. I doubt it though, since I believe the satellites transmit UTC, in which case the zone offset in iDrive would only be useful for showing local time.
Thats an interesting thought, you could be right about the DST yeah

Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
Damn. There is a HUD Seat belt Status Display too?

When the Seat Belt Status Display for KOMBI is coded off, does the HUD one still appear?
lol almost every warning is displayed, if not all. A big red car if I get too close to the person in front of me (sadly that happens way too often lol), and all the other warnings that you see in the kombi are also shown.

I don't know what happens with the seat belt status display when you code it off. I have mine still visible, the only thing I turned off is the seatbelt reminder gong (not the early warning, which you can hear in the vid, just the one after this) the rest is still on. The one you see only stays for a short time, probably since the other warning is turned off (although the red symbol in the kombi stays on, it's just the gong I turned off).
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