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obviously I'm over-exaggerating a bit but if you get to do a relative comparison to any E9x you'll notice how much more taut the steering and suspension is. Yes, the F30 chasis is more rigid, perhaps, but they have softened things up so much it is not that apparent over normal driving.

In my F30, I float and bounce over the same bumps on the way home from work where my older E9x and E8x took those bumps with aplomb and comfort yet still felt sporty and tight. It's too bad, really. I understand the need to cater to the old Gen-Xer's, who continue to be loyal and who are much older now, but it really does push away those who who began buying these cars in the late 90's and are used to the sporty and no-compromise driving feel.

Funny thing is, I actually do have friends who are now older and are happy that the new 3er's are bigger and softer as they now have kids and aren't as inherent to do too much spirited driving anymore. It is what it is I guess...I say it sucks.
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