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Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Same with mine, it kept getting louder the more miles I put on it, like I posted up in the video.

Yep I see alot of people really dissapointed with it, but honestly take my word for it the videos dont do it much justice, it sounds much better in person.

Most of the poeople that dont like it crave way more performance and sound and they opt for something else thats performance derived and delivers much louder sound. Even though this thing is called M Performance, I serously doubt it if you gain any its just for the sound of it. I dont think this axle back is any more efficient then the one I pulled off. Just less packing in there for the throatier sound.

Cant agree more. Its what I was looking for. I do wish sometimes that I had something really loud but thats like 1% of the time and I just move on and enjoy what I opted for. Love this car.
Your video convinced me to buy it. Your videos are the best representation of the true sound. I really appreciate you taking the time to post it. I think with the HFC downpipe it will sound sweet.

I agree I think if it adds any power it will be very little maybe like 5 horsepower stock maybe more are high boost.

The other exhaust options are kool but after being a horsepower junkie I can tell you the downpipe to muffler pipping will not add much if anything. The factory exhaust piping is so well engineered it will be near impossible to improve. The downpipe should net the best gain.