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Originally Posted by mrunner View Post
And RWD on allseason or snows, is not even a contender to AWD and 4x4 in getting up and moving. It is the slowing and stopping, that will be compromised without winter tires on any drive type. I won't give up my AWD or 4x4 for just my RWD BMW. Too much hassle I don't want to put up with. I want to just get into my truck, engage 4x4 and drive off. RWD BMW, great summer, spring, fall car. Get out of 1971. Who drives RWD sports cars or convertibles in real winter anyway. But a BMW, oh yeah for sure, get in, lets go for an arctic expedition, these things are great leave you arctic Hilux behind.....
Why don't we all just go and buy ourselves Nissan GT-Rs?