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Originally Posted by buildbright View Post
Your video convinced me to buy it. Your videos are the best representation of the true sound. I really appreciate you taking the time to post it. I think with the HFC downpipe it will sound sweet.

I agree I think if it adds any power it will be very little maybe like 5 horsepower stock maybe more are high boost.

The other exhaust options are kool but after being a horsepower junkie I can tell you the downpipe to muffler pipping will not add much if anything. The factory exhaust piping is so well engineered it will be near impossible to improve. The downpipe should net the best gain.
Thanks. I enjoyed making the videos and sharing them with you guys. I was also inspired by alot of bad videos out there on youtube lol.

Im very curious to see how it sounds with a downpipe. I think youre right it will sound just right and net the best hp gain. Definetely have to tip my hat to BMW for designing the efficient exhaust thought.
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