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Originally Posted by lbahoshy
Originally Posted by jdong View Post
I totally disagree, as an ex 2011 Audi owner.

I think the A4 vs S4 gap is way too big and there needs to be something in between. I came from a 370HP 5.7L V8 to the Audi lineup and thought the 2.0T was weak but acceptable, but the 3.0T in the S4 was closer to the performance level that I wanted.

However, with equivalent options, the price gap between the A4 and S4 was nearly $10k, and a test drive with the 7spd DCT left me unimpressed with its smoothness in parking lots and hilly environments compared to the A4's ZF 8HP. I spent $2000 out of pocket on performance tweaks but that just ended up offering very moderate performance boosts at the cost of more perceived lag and the occasional clunky shift at low speeds.

I've been long hoping for the A4 to get a 3.0T in between option that allows the S4 to be left alone for people who desire a true sports car.

I like that BMW has an affordable and reasonable step up from the 328 to the 335.

I'm sorry but the S4 is certainly not a pure sports car. I test drove a 2013 S5 manual transmission and was not impressed at all. Numb steering, car felt heavy and not very agile. It is certainly more of an enthusiasts car compared to the A4, but a true sports car it is not. Sports cars should have excellent steering and be very communicative which Audi's are not very well known for.
You want an awd perf car you get an evo. Hence why i stayed away from audi. Didnt want another awd saloon (i love using rest of the world words when describing cars lol)