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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
The DCSnet screenshot SA sent has NOTHING to do with the cars transmission. Its about transmitting the order to BMWAG (Germany).

Go to stealership and demand they pull up your order in BMW DCSnet system. This will show your production week slot and current status in near realtime. Get a copy of the vehicle inquiry report and make sure it matches the production # they show you in DCSnet and that it also shows Model : 133Q (which means 335i German production) and also shows "Priority 1 - Customer sold" and your name under "customer".

Dealers cannot place orders for cars they don't have allocation for. They either placed an order for a future allocation (and lied to you) or they're hosing you altogether.
So by having the production number means nothing ? The dealer gave me a production number for a car that is going to sit there for months until the dealership gets an allocation???!!! They can do that