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Originally Posted by Runnin and Gunnin View Post
The price difference between the A4 and the S4 is SIGNIFICANT. Now remember, Audi has the S-line vehicles IE, A4 with the S-line build (Not to be confused with the S4). I also don't believe not being able to afford the S4 means your, "Broke". But then again this is your opinion, no one elses.
And that's my issue. I got a S-Line A4 so it gave me most of the look and feel of a S4, but it still left me with a 211HP buzzy inline 4. And if I want to step up to the S4 and keep the same options, I was looking at 7-10k more.

It's too bad that at the time, Audi beat BMW (IMO) when it came to interior quality and availability of tech, but powertrain wise, I would've been much happier with the 335i vs 328i price gap.