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Originally Posted by Captain Cow Pat View Post
I was enquiring about having it fitted as new, as in when ordering it from the factory. My local dealer is Barons of Farnborough.

My worries are that it is easy to get a towbar fitted but not so easy to have the additional cooling/engine mods done, if not done by BMW. Never mind the warranty issue. But I depend on what you might be pulling. If its a low weight trailer then then engine/gearbox shouldn't be put under much strain in hot weather. So you might get away with no additional cooling.

I haven't ordered my F31 yet as I'm waiting for the xdrive to become available on diesels
Well ours is the 320d, not the 320d, but I'll check to see if it requires the coolers upgrading with BMW.

We could be towing anything. Usually a small garden rubbish trailer, but sometimes larger boats.
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