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Originally Posted by azzurro View Post
Sonax gets good reviews. I'm going to try it along with a couple of different size wheel brushs. The brake dust on the F30 is pretty incredible. I'm hoping it will get better after 1000-1200 miles.

I've been wiping them down every couple of days now...a pain.
I'm in Canada and opted for the M sport brakes. Talk about dusty brakes - drive to the corner grocery store and back and the wheels are covered. I too hope they get better as they bed in. Sonax or P21S wheel cleaner is good if the brake dust is really stuck on.

I think the best solution is to get a good coat of wax on the wheels and clean them off weekly. The wax will help keep the brake dust from really sticking on. This is also very time consuming but if you want your car to look pristine like I do, I don't see any other option. I also know that if you leave the brake dust on your wheels for long periods of time, the finish on the wheels will really go downhill fast. I understand that the wheels are clearcoated.