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  1. Having a bad day? No one to talk to at home?
  2. The question was about a larger wheel and tire on a standard suspension for asthetics, ride quality, and tire grip.
  3. Thanks for a worthless, self-serving comment that adds little value but highlights your 'shortcomings'

Wheel diameter, tire depth, sidewall height, and rubber compound impact ride quality. If you are intellectually bankrupt on these factors, take a hike.

Originally Posted by sean10mm View Post
Don't people do test drives? How do you not know that the base suspension is soft before you buy the car? If you want to corner and you don't spring for a line with the sport suspension or DHP and spec summer tires you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Worse ride doesn't mean better handling necessarily, by the way. F30 328i sport line on all-season run flats puts up the same acceleration and lateral g numbers as the E46 330i ZHP on staggered summer tires that everyone jerks off to around here.