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Originally Posted by 300hp View Post
I think the problem with the S4 is not even its relationship with VW, but the A4. In the US the A4 is just not special and most people who are not in the know will just think the S4 is the 4 banger brother. Contrast this with the 328i, now that car is special in its own right, which is why people are prepared to go all the way to S4 money for it. It wins every comparo here, dare I say it it may win against the M3, lol. The reviewers here are just mental about it. So even if the 335i is confused with the 4 banger, in most cases you are still in a good place.

So sales for the 3er were much higher even with Audis change in strategy, now BMW is returning the favor with the 4 series etc so you can already tell this Audi strategy will not work going forward.

Make the A4 special, that's the right strategy
Spoken like a true BMW fan Seriously though, Im not following your perspective that is not "A4 is not special" or on par with the 3 series, that an S4 is not considered any different than the A4, or that Audi's strategy is not working? Your argument is the opposite of most in this thread so Im wondering what its based on.

I am in a small market, but these cars are significant players in that market, and I see most people shopping them as equals.