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Leasing help - 335xi!!

So my 335xi is arriving within 2 weeks or so (already on the ship somewhere in the Atlantic).

I'm seeing alot of lease deals for 335's in the high 500s (< $600/month) and trying to see how I can get there.

Here are my details - let me know how much I should be paying per month.

MSRP $51795
Capital Negotiated Cost $47935 (includes incentives - this is the final price)
MF 0.0013
Residual: 58% (36 month lease)
Acquisition Fee: $725
Documentation Fee: $399 (They tell this is non-negotiable)
Taxes: 3.17% (in Virginia we pay tax on WHOLE value of car, ugh!)
Tax/title/fees: $67
$0 down (except for whats required like 1 sec deposit + 1st month lease)

There is an option to lower by MF by 0.00007 for every $750 I put as a security deposite up to 7x max for a total of 0.00049 lowering of MF.

With these numbers, can someone tell me what is a good leasing monthly cost to pay? I ran it on some calculators but would love a 3rd party check from you all. I'm trying to get the monthly cost below $600 if possible.