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Originally Posted by chrisny View Post
Seems your only option is the multiple security deposits unless you can negotiate a lower purchase price, but you'd have to be willing to walk away from a car you've waited all this time for to do that (or at least bluff that you will). You probably should be getting a bigger discount than that. What credits are in that price? Did you get BMW loyalty and holiday?
Both holiday and owner loyalty are both included, so final price is $85 above invoice. I guess with these credits, I should have negotiated $500 above invoice then taken the credits for a net of $1250 below invoice?

I could bluff walking away but obviously don't *really* want to do this since I've been waiting for this car. If I already pre-negotiated the price of the car, do you think the dealer would budge to sell the car?

At the end of day, I'll pay what I have to pay, just wondering if my calculations are wrong with all the numbers. I also don't mind MSDs to buy down the MF.